The art of safety: Why quality is crucial in crash protection

We are highly satisfied with our current results on the subject of load values ​​in the area of ​​warehouse safety and are leading the market as a pioneer.

Effective collision protection and corner protection: storage safety in accordance with BGR 234

Storage safety is a crucial factor in preventing accidents and damage in storage rooms. BGR 234, a regulation of the German professional associations, provides clear guidelines and recommendations for the safe storage of goods. A key aspect of warehouse safety concerns collision protection and corner protection. In this article we...

Our unique corner protection, visually familiar – functionally revolutionized

To protect your business facilities in the long term, we recommend our impact protection corner. This consists of a unique system that is only available from us. Our corner protection with a total height of 500 mm at a glance: 85% cost savings on maintenance Consists of high-quality spring steel...

Flexible impact protection elements at a glance

Our impact protection – your safety!