Die Bedeutung des Anfahrwinkels bei Rammschutztests: Warum Lastwert nicht gleich Lastwert ist.

The art of safety: Why quality is crucial in crash protection

In an ever-evolving world where safety plays an increasingly important role, it is crucial that businesses and consumers alike choose the best solutions for crash protection. From warehouses to industrial facilities, high-quality crash protection products are essential to protect both people and property from damage. But how do you find the right solution in a market that is flooded with different options?

Our current load value test at a glance.

Weight test vehicle 5520kg
product span Height Barrier screwed on km/h joules approach height
Wall protection 2900 265 no 5 5400 200-265mm
Wall protection 2900 265 Yes 6.5 9000 200-265mm
Wall protection 2900 495 no 7 10500 265-495mm
Wall protection 2900 495 Yes 8th 13700 265-495mm
Wall protection 1450 265 no 6.5 9000 200-265mm
Wall protection 1450 495 no 9 17250 265-495mm
Pallet storage 750 900 Yes 12 30000 750mm
railing posts - 1150 no 6 7700 400mm
Flex Poly Bollards - 1500 - 6.5 9000 550mm
Support protection - 400 - 5 5400 400-250
Guardrail 2900 2550 265 no 6 7700 265mm
Guardrail 2900 2550 495 no 8th 13700 265-495mm
two barriers in a row 2550 265 no 9.5 21300 265mm

We are extremely satisfied with this result and show ourselves to be a pioneer in warehouse safety.

Innovation and quality are key when it comes to finding the best crash protection on the market. Companies that invest in research and development to produce products of the highest standards demonstrate their commitment to safety and reliability. Through continuous improvements and the integration of the latest technologies, they can develop products that not only meet current requirements but can also meet future challenges.

In addition to innovation, design also plays a crucial role. A well thought-out design takes into account not only the functionality but also the aesthetic aspects of the impact protection. Products that impress with their design can not only provide effective protection against impacts and collisions, but can also be seamlessly integrated into their surroundings.

Another important factor is the quality of the material. Products made from high quality materials offer superior performance and durability. They can withstand extreme stress and therefore offer reliable protection for a long time.

Ultimately, the performance of a crash protection product is crucial. Products that achieve the highest load values ​​on the market guarantee exceptional stability and resistance. They provide unmatched protection from the most serious impacts, helping to prevent potentially catastrophic consequences.

In a time where safety is paramount, it is reassuring to know that there are companies dedicated to producing high-quality crash protection products. Through their ongoing search for excellence, they set new standards for quality and reliability. Because when it comes to protecting lives and property, only the best is good enough.