Flexible impact protection

from Hofmann Betriebsmontagen


Storage safety & flexible impact protection products of a new generation

Take a look at the performance features of our impact protection products, which have been specially developed for each application. With us you will find both flexible impact protection and our “Cheapy” series – the classic impact protection.

Impact protection – reliably protect rack systems and storage facilities.

What does flexible impact protection mean in practice?

In today's warehouse logistics and production technology, a large number of movements of machines, vehicles and materials take place every day. The spacial situation in the warehouses and on the company premises requires a sense of awareness and precision. Careless, imprecise approach can cause significant damage to company buildings and facilities. The consequences are business interruptions, damage to goods and people, as well as repair costs. Modern impact protection devices offer necessary and efficient protection of existing racking systems and the goods contained within. This will help you avoid damage when loading and unloading stored goods.

The flexible impact protection from Hofmann Betriebsmontagen

Through our experience from countless projects in which we as Hofmann Betriebsmontagen have planned and established storage systems, we came to the decision to develop our own impact protection products. Crash protection can help prevent accidents, reduce damage to buildings or vehicles, and ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

The unique flexible impact protection is a development from this experience.

The arguments for flexible impact protection at a glance:

Tested products

The impact energy is dispersed into the concrete floor using flexible damper attachments. Reduction of collision damage by 90%.

Long life-cycle

Due to the Long life-cycle of the materials , you save yourself high investment and/or assembly costs.

Good protection

You protect your industrial machines and materials with the internal screw connections of the impact protection!


Thanks to the modular design, defective parts can be replaced at any time.


The right solution for every budget, whether flexible impact protection or the classic spring steel impact protection “Cheapy” . All from a single source!


Reduction of collision damage by 90%.

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