XL Polyflex bollard

Art.-Nr.: 2050

execution: Normal
Underfloor heating

Maximum absorption for greater safety

The Polyflex bollard is the further development of the previous model. With its innovative properties and additional features, it sets new standards in terms of safety and durability. Can be shortened freely up to 650mm.

Load values

Approach height (mm)

(Weight of test vehicle 5520 kg)


Optimum safety through refined technology

Thanks to the interior cavity, the Polyflex bollard absorbs energy upon initial contact to ensure maximum safety in collisions, while the newly designed, flexible honeycomb structure effectively reduces impact forces. This innovative technology makes the Polyflex bollard the optimal solution for busy approach routes.

Stability in every impact

Improved adaptability is ensured by a damping element in the lower part of the bollard, which allows flexibility in all directions. This allows us to ensure that impacts from different angles are withstood and the safety of goods and employees continues. For secure attachment, the Polyflex is equipped with three 16 mm anchors that direct the remaining energy into the ground and prevent the device from shifting upon impact.

Easy installation for every need

The standard height of our Polyflex bollards is 1.50 meters. However, it can be easily adjusted and flexibly reduced to a height of up to 65 centimeters. This adaptability makes the Polyflex bollard a versatile choice for different applications. Furthermore, the cover of the Polyflex bollard can be easily installed by simply sliding it onto the core. The reinforced material also ensures additional durability.

Say goodbye to traditional bollards that offer limited protection. With the introduction of our Polyflex bollards you will experience a new level of safety and innovation in workplace safety. Thanks to its revised protective properties, flexible height adjustment and user-friendly installation, our Polyflex bollards are the future in impact and column protection.