Wall protection (495 mm)

Art.-Nr.: 349

Individual and spare parts. For a complete configuration, use our impact protection configurator.

module: End console
End console
Center console
Corner console 90°
Corner console 45°
2900mm barrier
execution: Normal
Underfloor heating

Flexible wall protection – impact protection/collision protection

The wall protection from Hofmann Betriebsmontagen GmbH is flexible and long-lasting protection for walls or objects to be protected.

It reduces the maintenance and repair costs of your storage and operational facilities. Thanks to the floor-protecting damper attachment, the remaining impact energy is absorbed into the ground. Your protection remains intact and the floor is not damaged.

Load values

Barrier screwed on
Approach height (mm)

(Weight of test vehicle 5520 kg)

Wandschutz 2

Single & double height

The wall guard can be installed at a single height of 265 mm or a double height of 495 mm. On long journeys, the wall protection is additionally reinforced by center consoles and thus has the highest possible resistance in the event of an impact. Install the wall protection without any problems, even on difficult floor plans. The different angles (90° and 45°) allow you to individually adapt the wall protection to your floor plan. Easy installation and flexibility require that you can carry out maintenance on control cabinets at any time. To avoid dangerous areas, all consoles are supplied with a lid.

With different anchors, Hofmann Betriebsmontagen GmbH can ensure secure anchoring in the ground, even with underfloor heating or special floors.