Shock absorbing support protection

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Fastening: Normal concrete
Normal concrete
Underfloor heating

You can extend all-round protection by installing flexible shelf support protectors.

The flexible shelf support protection is installed on pallet racks to limit damage. It reduces the maintenance and repair costs of your storage and operational facilities.

Did you know that a simple impact resulting in damage to your shelf will cost you around 400.00 euros? Avoid this with an intelligent 3-point attachment to the floor. This directs an impact in the correct direction and not into the shelf support.

Load values

Approach height (mm)

(Weight of test vehicle 5520 kg)

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Effective shelf protection

The material is protected and the impact energy is dissipated into the ground by the floor-protecting damper attachment. The self-sufficient installation of the shelf support protector will not damage your object or shelf to be protected. The shelf support protector is suitable for supports of 80 - 120 mm.

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