Shock absorbing guardrail

Art.-Nr.: 2309

Size: 1450mm
module: Yellow RAL 1018
Yellow RAL 1018
black yellow
Double barrier yellow RAL 1018
Double barrier black yellow
execution: Normal
Underfloor heating

Nothing is more damaging to your productivity than damage to your storage facility or building.

The guardrail combination made of steel and plastic, developed by Hofmann Betriebsmontagen GmbH, absorbs the impact forces and returns to its original position after deformation.

Guardrail “Shock Absorbing Guardrail” – The steel/plastic combination is mounted in front of pallet racks or other objects to be protected to limit damage. The rubber-mounted corner elements are each attached with 2 special shock anchors.

Protect storage facilities and equipment sustainably!

Load values

Barrier screwed on
Approach height (mm)
2900 / 265
2900 / 495

(Weight of test vehicle 5520 kg)

Eckschutz 01

Corner protection doubled with an outside corner

As a basic product, the corner protection is doubled with an outside corner on the left and right and screwed together with 6 internal screws. A multi-chamber plastic guardrail up to a maximum of 2900 mm is then installed. A floor-protecting damper attachment is used. By additionally installing a center console, lengths over 2900 mm can also be implemented without restrictions.

By simply installing a guard rail with a height of 265 mm, you can achieve impact protection for a 2.5 t forklift. By doubling the guardrail you get a maximum height of 495 mm and thus double the load capacity. The emergency stop bracket also protects your shelf in the event of a frontal impact.

All guardrails are delivered in yellow. The color remains unchanged even after an impact.

The Shock Absorbing Guardrail is also available with black/yellow corners in accordance with BGR 234. The stripe stickers are also available separately for retrofitting.

Corner protection

Corner protection

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