Column protection made from wall protection

module: End console
End console
Center console
Corner console 90°
Corner console 45°
2900mm barrier
execution: Normal
Underfloor heating
Height: 265

Particularly suitable for protecting columns or posts

This column protection is particularly suitable for columns that are connected to the wall. The lengths can be freely selected thanks to the modular construction of guard rail and corner console. Impact energy of up to 15,000 joules can be absorbed.

The column protection system made up of guardrails and connecting elements developed by Hofmann Betriebsmontagen GmbH absorbs the impact forces and returns to its original position after deformation. Particularly suitable for protecting columns or posts that are close to walls. The rubber-mounted corner elements are each attached with 2 special internal rubber dampers.

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Single & double height

The column protection is available in single height and also in double height. Even extra-wide columns can be perfectly protected and your warehouse and factory traffic will not be disrupted.

Our column protection is supplied in yellow as standard.