Pallet storage

Art.-Nr.: 1358

Individual and spare parts. For a complete configuration, use our impact protection configurator.

module: 90 cm end post
90 cm end post
90 cm center post
90 cm corner post
2900mm barrier
1450mm barrier
220 cm end post
220 cm center post
220 cm corner post
220 cm T post

The pallet storage can be used individually. Our pallet storage is an individually configurable product where you as a customer can choose the height of the barrier.

The pallet storage can not only be used as a pallet storage area, but is also suitable for departmental storage. The fastening cover on the floor protects your vehicle wheels and prevents the pallet or your industrial truck from getting stuck.

Load values

Barrier screwed on
Approach height (mm)

(Weight of test vehicle 5520 kg)


Quadruple shock mounts

Thanks to the four-fold damper attachment, the product can withstand the impact of a 2t forklift even when approaching the upper barrier. Despite its maximum height of up to 2200 mm, the shock absorber absorbs 80 percent of the impact energy so that the ground is not affected when driving off. Please contact us to configure your pallet storage. We would be happy to create your individual offer for you.