Pedestrian railings

Art.-Nr.: 3537

module: 40x60 cm end post
40x60 cm end post
40x60 cm center post
40x60 cm corner post
40x60 cm handrail
60x90 cm end post
60x90 cm center post
60x90 cm corner post
60x90 cm handrail
1450mm barrier
End console (normal)
End console (underfloor heating)

Impact-absorbing safety barrier

Flexible pedestrian protection – the safety of your employees is our top priority.

The flexible pedestrian protection from Hofmann Betriebsmontagen GmbH offers you and your employees the perfect protection. Thanks to the solid steel core, the railing can withstand even a 2-ton forklift. By using the optional forklift barrier, forklifts weighing 3.5 tons can also be stopped. The Flex Core pedestrian railing is one of the most modern protection systems in the area of ​​storage and conveyor technology.

Load values

Approach height (mm)

(Weight of test vehicle 5520 kg)


Innovative pedestrian railing for safe paths

Our brand new pedestrian railing has been completely redesigned to meet increasing pedestrian safety requirements. We are proud to present you a solution in the area of ​​occupational safety that is not only extremely stable and robust, but also extremely easy to install.

Stability and safety come first

The base of our pedestrian railing consists of a solid steel core, which is securely and firmly anchored in the ground using a damper attachment. This construction makes the railing extremely stable and resistant to almost all collisions with vehicles. Attached to the core by suction, the cover is secured with four screws and is installed in just a few steps.

Customer feedback integrated

We took our customers' feedback seriously and improved our pedestrian railing by adding a center bar to the handrail to provide additional protection. This handrail is effortlessly attached to the post using an uncomplicated plug-in system and ensures safe and stable guidance at any level. Inside the steel core there is another rubber damping element that additionally cushions the impact of forklift trucks and other vehicles to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

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Optional forklift barrier for maximum safety

Thanks to its cylindrical design, our pedestrian railing is less susceptible to dirt deposits and is easy to clean. Pedestrians are guided safely through the paths and no longer collide with the paths of forklift trucks. For even more safety, our pedestrian railing can optionally be combined with a forklift barrier. This element helps to better stop approaching forklifts and thus offers additional protection for pedestrians.

With our innovative pedestrian railing you can rely on the highest level of safety, durability and quality to protect pedestrians and employees from accidents. Invest in safety at work with the innovative products from Rammschutz.Online!

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