Column protection barrel

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execution: barrels
Expansion adapter

The “Barrel” column protection represents a sustainable and cost-effective solution for protecting columns and supports. The unique telescopic system means you save expensive investments and are also 100% flexible in use.

With the “Barrel” column protection, Hofmann Betriebsmontagen GmbH has a unique system in its range that can be adjusted to any diameter (200 mm – 700 mm) of your column or support. The “Barrel” column protection is made of 100% flexible plastic.

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Hollow chamber construction

The impact energy is reduced by the hollow chamber construction and the protection of the column or support is guaranteed.

You have the option of supplementing the system with an extension adapter, thus protecting a maximum diameter of 700 x 700 mm. The attachment of the “Barrel” column protection to the support or column is fixed with 2 ratchet lashing straps.

Another unique column or support protection from Hofmann Betriebsmontagen GmbH is the flexible Shock Absorbing column protection.